Can Pampas Grass Be Divided

Pampas Grass Divided

Can Pampas grass be divided? Yes! Dividing Pampas grass is essential for its growth, vibrancy, longevity and beauty.
It is needed to maintain its natural beauty and proper shape. Just remember to use the right tools for an easier division and wear protective clothing for safety purposes.

Can Pampas Grass Be Divided – Reasons to Divide Pampas Grass.

  • To separate male and female pampas grass to control invasion and excessive growth.
  • To preserve the clump or desired shape and size of the grass.
  • To create several new plants that you can add to your landscape.

When to Divide Pampas Grass

The best time to divide Pampas grass is in early spring or late fall (before growth starts). However, there are signs to know when you can specifically do the division.

  • When a new Pampas grass plant emerging in spring, it is the best time to divide it. Dividing the parent grass gives space for the younger plant to grow.
    Furthermore, grasses like Pampas do not grow until late spring, so it is best not to divide them until late spring or May. 
  • When the center of the grass begins to clump, it is also the best time to divide it. The excess growth of old grasses causes clump that prevents the growth of new batch of grass.
  • When the Pampas grass have spread too much and invade other nearby plants, it is also the best time to divide it. 
Grass Division

How to Divide Pampas Grass

The process of dividing Pampas grass is a fairly easy task due to its height and large size.
Before dividing it, cut its foliage down to approximately 4-6 inches above the soil level and remove this large plant from the ground.
Here are the procedures on how to divide it properly.

  • Lift grasses from the ground with a spade – use a digging spade to remove a section from the side of the root ball.
    Take a healthy portion from the side of the root ball with at least five shoots and plenty of healthy roots. 
  • Split the grasses using two forks inserted back to back in the center of the clump, then separate them apart.
    Alternatively, cut the clump through the middle with a spade.
  • Repeat the division process until you reach the desired size of plant. As much as possible, remove smaller divisions from the clump by pulling them away from the parent plan

Important Reminders

  • Plant the newly cut grass or plants into the ground as soon as possible.
  • Use a heavy-duty, sturdy shovel with a sharp cutting edge, an axe or a pick (mattock) when digging out the clump of Pampas grass for an easier dividing and lifting extremely-large root balls out.

FAQ About Dividing Pampas Grass

How do you divide pampas?

The best way to divide pampas grass is to use a spade, shovel, or garden fork. Dig down about 5 inches on either side of the clump, then cut through the soil with a spade or shovel and lift out the root ball. Divide each piece into smaller pieces by cutting it with a sharp knife or garden shears, then replant them in their new location.

How do you reduce pampas grass size?

There are various ways of reducing the size of this plant. One way is to cut the top leaves off and then use a weed killer on the plant. Another way is to cut off the entire plant at ground level, remove all roots and any fragments left behind, and then use a weed killer on the area where it was before planting new plants.


Perennials grass as Pampas grass must be divided every 3-5 years to clean and rejuvenate their old clumps, but in the case of Pampas grass, division or pruning is needed annually.
Dividing it is needed to produce more plants, add more design, reduce clump size, and keep the plant’s vitality.

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