6 Ways to Decorate With Faux Pampas Grass

Dried Pampas Grass in vase
Dried Pampas Grass in vase

The decor of your home can make or break the space. Too many accessories can be overbearing, but too little makes the area feel empty. Artificial pampas grass is a special plant that can stand out in your home or office to make it feel natural and well decorated–without the hassle of caring for a real plant. It has white fuzzy blooms at the top, which offers a modern flair and can either be dressed up or dressed down.

It is easy to go over the top with plants, so, before you search, shop, and click “add to cart,” let’s take a look at different ways to decorate with dried, faux pampas grass.

#1 Oversized Pots and Vases

Natural pampas grass can grow up to six feet. In its faux version, you can find similar sizes, although most likely less intimidating. Place a few stems of these plants in your favorite oversized vase and sit it on the floor next to your favorite furniture items. Pampas grass decor looks great in a living room, kitchen, or bedroom. Plus, the neutral color does not conflict with others that may be in the room.

If you are a sucker for buying large vases, this is how to make use of all of them. Plus, this decoration does not take a long time to piece together and the results are stylish.

#2 Create Your Own Wreath

To dress up the outdoor area of your home, you can create a simple wreath. All you need is a wireframe which you can then use to wrap the artificial pampas grass around. This is also a fun activity for the kids. Set up a table with other accessories and make trendy wreaths with pampas grass.

The great thing about artificial pampas grass wreaths is that they do not have to sit in storage for most of the year. Since the grass has a neutral color, you can hang it up in an outdoor location for more than one season. The wreath is also not limited to your front door, as you can also add it to your kitchen, office, bar, or dining area for a quick and beautiful update.

#3 Make a Seasonal Spread

Artificial pampas grass is great due to its faux nature. That means you can use it all year and create seasonal spreads. Though this grass naturally blooms in the summer, the brown hue makes it look great at any time of the year, including fall and winter. All you need to do is add other seasonal details, like faux pumpkins for fall or pinecones for winter. Spreads like these also make great gifts and can be a fun activity with the kids!

#4 Complement Living Room Furniture

Add faux pampas grass to your living space to dress it up. Place a miniature version in a small vase and set it on an end table next to your furniture. The natural feeling of the plant complements any lighting fixture, throw pillows, rugs, and other items which may have conflicting energies.

#5 Add More Relaxation to Bedroom Furniture

To make a sleeping space more relaxing, add artificial pampas grass. The open and organic ambiance makes you feel close to nature. Plus, pampas grass is a quick addition to make other accessorizing items stand out, like hardware, comforters, and other pieces of art.

#6 Draw Attention to a Bland Wall

If you need help decorating an empty wall in the bedroom, bath, or even in a shop you own, make it an exclusive area with your faux pampas grass. You can also do this for a low price.

Purchase Artificial Pampas Grass

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Rachel Lean
Rachel Lean

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