The Best Pampas Grass Decor to Spruce up Your Home

take a pic Pampas Grass
take a pic Pampas Grass

Amidst the never-ending pandemic of 2020, people were finding solace in interior decorating. If we couldn’t go out into the natural world, then why not bring the natural world to use? Rooms became a modern and beautiful arrangement of plant vases, grasses, plumes, and flowers that brought a look of vibrance and life with them.

Among all of the different floral design trends and greenery of 2021, Pampas Grass quickly became one of the biggest.

It might have been the gorgeous white feathery plumes, how it looks like whimsical white wheat, the soft texture, the size, and how Pampas Grass calls attention to itself in any space. Maybe it’s just because it’s something different and became a trend, and as with any trend, the more people using it, the more that hop on the trend bandwagon.

The plant has become popular, so it’s our job to show you how to use it. We love the look of the Pampas Grass but keep in mind that it’s not for everyone. The white color isn’t going to go with more modern and sleek rooms, as well as boho rooms. It’s less floral than it is rustic, meaning you need to be a fan of that boho-chic style to make proper use of the grass.

If you are, though, then you’re in for a treat.

Use of White Neutral Colors

When I say that Pampas Grass’s color isn’t something for everyone, what I mean is how it complements the area around it.

If you want to get the most out of this popular trend, then you’ve got to add it with neutral color palettes. A color like white can add a lot to your space when used with these plants. Even if you’re sitting it on a table in the backdrop of a room, if the colors are right, it’s going to add a breezy air to the room without you noticing that it’s there.

You can use Pampas Grass with brighter and more colorful rooms rather than neutral, but you’re going to have to do a little bit extra when it comes to your design. This is particularly relevant when it comes to boho styling, in which Pampas Grass is a commonly used accessory. With a boho style, the place takes on a life of its own, which highlights how versatile it really is.

If you are battling with a richer and more vibrant home, create a mixture of greenery to combine with your Pampas Grass. Don’t use too much of it; put a handful of it in a vase and combine it with some other sort of flower or other various grasses.

Vase Choice is Important

Speaking of vases, the look of your vase is actually critical to the overall design of your Pampas Grass, and ultimately your entire room. We tend to think about the colors with a trend such as this but rarely give a thought to the other aspects that are involved. Vases are typically overlooked, which is a shame. A close search for the right piece can turn your space into a different room entirely. You can be super creative and use the likes of a whiskey bottle if you so choose. Think about what you’re a fan of, search for those items, and incorporate them.

For Pampas Grass, you have an opportunity to create a gorgeous and memorable piece of decor as long as you use the right vase. The height that you’re working with means you can give it the perfect container and position for every kind of situation. You can have it be tall or short, sit it on the floor or a counter; the choice is fully up to you.

Think outside the box, give it some time, and match it with your room. If you’ve got a rustic and wooden themed area, get a vase that’s wrapped with thick rope. Just one little adjustment like this really does change everything.

Use it to Accentuate

Leave the more eye-grabbing pieces to the floral patterns and use Pampas Grass as an accent. You have an advantage when you use it like this, thanks to the feathery texture that you’re working with. Not only does it feel fantastic, but it gives the piece a unique appearance that blends in well with other furniture.

Pick up some vases and decorate your bathroom, hallway, or your living room with the grasses. Even a handful can tighten the beauty of the space that it’s in.

Bring it into Your Living Room

Personally, we love the look of vases that are decorated with Pampas Grass when used in a living room. It’s got the fluffy wheat-like texture and beautiful white color scheme that is perfect as a subtle part of a much bigger piece of decor. There’s no wonder why it has become such a big trend.

You can add Pampas Grass to almost everything to heighten the look of it, whether your home is modern or classical. The only condition you have to consider is the color of your space: the more white and neutral tones you have, the better.

You could even add Pampas Grass to a wedding; that’s how gorgeous it is. It’s not unheard of for a wedding to feature decoration made from the grass, either. If you search for it, you can find several different examples of how you can create a gorgeous appearance in every space, even an altar.

Pampas Grass is Stunning When You Use it Right

We always want things to be perfect, but it’s rare that we can turn that into reality. The same applies to when you’re decorating with Pampas Grass.

It’s going to look stunning when you do it right, but there’s always going to be a part of you that wants to give another arrangement a try.

There’s nothing wrong with switching it up every now and again, but don’t be over-critical when trying to have your space looking perfect. Pick one set or collection that looks nice, and give yourself a pat on the back. It doesn’t need to be perfect, so don’t be too critical. Update it every now and again, but remember that it’s just glorified white wheat at the end of the day.

Just remember that Pampas Grass should be used as a part of the backdrop. Even if you’re using faux Pampas Grass that can last for a long time, it’s not the type of decoration you give the centerpiece in the table to.

It looks stunning, but from a distance. Thus, try to take advantage of its height and soft texture to bring some life to a random coffee table or in a big bunch in the corner.

Things are never going to be completely perfect, but so long as you try your best, you’re going to be able to have your space looking stunning in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Pampas Grass Illegal?

It might come as a bit of a shock, but Pampas Grass is actually illegal. Please don’t mistake what we’re saying; you’re not going to receive 50 to life for decorating your home with it, but you are going to struggle to find a shop that sells it.

That’s not to say that there isn’t a single shop that carries it, but those that do technically aren’t allowed.

Pampas Grass is actually an invasive noxious weed. In other words, it’s going to spread like wildfire and kill other plants. If you have your Pampas in vases, then there’s nothing to worry about; just don’t put it in your garden.

Not only that, but Pampas also harbors vermin and is extremely flammable. It would be best if you were keeping that last part in mind. It might be a cute trend, but having a nice-looking set isn’t worth it if it can set on fire.

Although, so long as you keep your space safe, then you shouldn’t have to worry about a fire. You should still be aware of that fact, though.

Those are the various reasons as to why Pampas Grass is illegal. Despite how modern and beautiful it may make your space look, it’s actually a rather nasty bit of nature.

How Long Does Dried Pampas Grass Last?

Dried Pampas is going to last three years before you need to add more. That’s a long time, to say the least. If you like decoration that doesn’t require constant maintenance, then Pampas may be perfect for you.

It may last three years, but you can change your space up if you feel like it. You can add more to it and take things away. Buying Pampas is anything but a commitment, so don’t be afraid to play around with your rooms.

How Do I Make Pampas Grass Fluffy?

If you’ve been on a close search for Pampas, then you’ve seen how sometimes it looks like a feather. It’s fluffy and puffed up.

Yours might not appear like that, but that’s okay. If you do feel like bringing that element into your space, all you have to do is leave it out in the sun. It’s going to puff up quickly, allowing you to create a space that is distinctly different from what it would appear like if it were still dried up.

Pampas Grass – Spruce up Your House

Pampas grass is the perfect decoration to help provide your house with a much-needed update. It’s not perfect for everyone, granted. The wheat-like shape and appearance aren’t going to go well with an ultra-sleek modern home, for example. That being said, the number of uses a set of this decoration has makes it a viable decoration in 99% of homes.

Rachel Lean
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