Best Ways to Use Pampas Grass in Your Wedding

Pampas Grass Wedding Decor
Pampas Grass Wedding Decor

Implementing Pampas grass in your wedding is one of the best choices you can make. The plants are beautiful, look modern, and make a statement if you want to show everyone how incredible your special day is.

The uniqueness of Pampas grass allows you to add it to the event decor and make everything look wonderful. From the centerpieces to the bouquets, entrance arch, aisle, or cake, the florist can incorporate Pampas grass to make your wedding have a dreamy and modern appearance.

How Do You Have a Pampas Grass Wedding?

Fortunately, having pampas grass wedding decor is very easy if since it’s a versatile plant. Check out the following ideas and choose the ones you like the most.

Change Your Environment

A great way to enhance the decor of your ceremony is to check out wedding ideas and change your environment by using Pampas grass. For example, you can make an arrangement with the plant so it looks like clouds are hanging from the ceiling.

Suppose your installations are outdoors, and your natural surroundings don’t allow you to hang anything because there’s no ceiling? You can make Pampas grass trees or put the plant inside pots so everything looks stunning and with a different texture.

Be Creative with Just One Structure

If you don’t want to go over the top with the Pampas grass, you can have fun with just one structure. Your wedding’s vibe doesn’t need to be exaggerated.

You can make a Pampas grass reception arc that meets the guests when they arrive or a backdrop behind a specific spot. Everyone can be amazed at the texture you create, especially if you combine it with other flowers. Such beauty makes a huge statement!

Use Vases, Pots, or Urns

If you love having greenery around and want to make sure that Pampas grass is a part of your wedding decor, you can use urns, or pots to put it in.

Seize the opportunity to use the plant’s tall size and create a different look for your wedding. Likewise, you can add flowers to give it an extra special touch to your style.

Choose a Specific Area

To make Pampas grass pop at your wedding, you can choose a specific area to make the décor. For example, you can use the plant only in the reception. This is often how people use palm arrangements too.

You can also make a Pampas grass aisle or tall centerpieces. There are ways to create a unique design. Whether you want a dramatic or a dreamy style, you can achieve it.

You can also choose a table to focus your grass, such as the one where you put your wedding cake or where each guest can take a photo. Although a Pampas grass arrangement might seem neutral, it can become and natural way to add some greenery to your wedding décor.

Make Arrangements and Hang Them

Having Pampas grass arrangements is one of the most romantic things you can add to your wedding decor. They can make your installations look dreamy while also adding a modern touch.

Additionally, you can have that décor regardless of your budget. If you prefer natural objects but don’t like florals much, having Pampas grass is a great idea to include a wild and rustic style while spending little money.

Go for a Boho Style with Your Pampas Grass

If you want to innovate with your wedding ideas, flowers alone might not do the trick. Creating a romantic, dramatic, or fun space is only possible if you think outside of the box, which is why you should be creative with your styling. Thus, following a boho trend might be what you’re looking for.

If your florist doesn’t understand what inspired your wedding, you can show the person pictures. In many cases, boho decor includes rugs and other things besides Pampas grass, which is why being creative is so important.

There are many boho wedding ideas you can use to guarantee that your decor makes a stunning statement. If you have Pampas grass in your ceremony and include a floral touch, you can give the surroundings a different texture and ensure that your decor is not neutral and your space has a unique vibe.

Use It to Make a Color Palette

To give your wedding or reception a different design, you can use Pampas grass to create a color palette, such as pink. For example, it’s very common to combine it with roses or other flowers to give your space a floral facelift and make sure that your decoration can make the ceremony pop out.

You can also make the centerpieces have a specific color, or use Pampas grass in a table, an arch, a backdrop, or a specific arrangement, all while preserving the palette.

Use Pampas Grass in the Bouquet

One of the most unique ways to use have a Pampas grass wedding is to include it in your bouquet. If you make sure that all your bouquets have grass, you’re guaranteeing that you look incredible while also having a rustic appearance with greenery in your hands.

Making Pampas grass bouquets is not that hard if you search for some beautiful ways to make a creative design. You can also give it a romantic twist by adding a pink floral complement. No one’s going to have the same bridal bouquet that you do!

Put Some in the Cake!

It sounds crazy, but a very modern way to include Pampas grass in your ceremony is to put some on the wedding cake. In that case, you must ask the baker to keep that in mind when the design is made.

Likewise, you can also make a Pampas grass arch behind the table to create a one-of-a-kind backdrop. By adding the arch, you give your space a unique feel with a wild aesthetic full of modern vibes. Adding a floral detail or two can also make your bridal area look incredible. During the ceremony, all your guests might want a photo in that beautiful place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Pampas Grass Illegal?

You may have encountered someone before who flat-out says Pampas grass is illegal. Each flower has its benefits and provides a neutral yet unique look for weddings. Having Pampas grass in a wedding is a very particular choice since most people tend to go for more classic styles, such as roses.

When you choose a specific plant such as Pampas grass, you can incorporate it into your event and design an aesthetic that no one ever forgets. It’s like that unforgettable article of clothing. However, in some places, it’s illegal since it’s very invasive in its native locations. Unlike protea, which seems impossible to grow, Pampas grass seems like it has no needs.

If it’s not illegal where you live and you want a Pampas grass wedding, all you need to do is to start checking out ideas and choose the best ones for your wedding decor – it can change the texture, make a backdrop look different, give you a new photo stand, include a boho or modern style, vary the aisle’s appearance and change the feel of the whole ceremony.

Can You Use Pampas Grass in a Winter Wedding?

Absolutely! The great thing about Pampas grass is that it lasts a long time, and it can endure even if your wedding is in the winter.

When Should I Cut My Pampas Grass for My Wedding?

To make sure that your venue looks incredible, cut the Pampas grass during the fall since the grass blooms in late summer.

Final Thoughts

Having a Pampas grass wedding is one of the best ideas if you want to make sure that your venue looks great or you wish to include a floral design. From the centerpieces to a photo booth, an aisle, or a bridal flower bouquet, having a Pampas grass wedding is a sign that you know how to combine a neutral style with a modern appearance!

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