5 Ways to Decorate With Dried Pampas Grass

Dried Pampas Grass
Dried Pampas Grass

Dried pampas grass, such as wheat, has become surprisingly common in the decorative world to add a touch of beauty to contexts, such as your home, wedding, etc. It turns out you don’t always need a natural or exotic flower to beautify things. Pampas grass works well because of its simple aesthetic, which means it works well as a decor element in almost any context.

Once you find your groove after you shop for pampas grass arrangements, you can use them to great effect to add no more than the required amount of flair to the space that you’re working. Here’s some useful information that should help you find the best options as you use this floral element in several decorative touches.

Pecans with Pampas Grass

While it’s often advised to use dried pampas grass in vase applications at home, you don’t always need to find a huge vase for your grass. If you pair the pampas grass with pecans, you can achieve a standout look without needing to make too much of an effort. You’re going to need a large glass jar to begin. You can shop for multiple jars if you wish, as they are only going to help you to create the new aesthetic you desire.

This DIY decoration demonstrates how you can give your space a beautiful makeover without traditional flowers. The gorgeous display only requires that you use a few waving stems of the dried pampas grass with the pecans to finalize the stunning look.

Fireplace Mantel

If you need the inspiration to enhance your living room at home, here it is. What if you could get the perfect decoration for your mantelpiece? People often search for one and come up empty most times. The area may not be anything too complicated, but finding a color and item that fits well is a chore. Your favorite plant and the most exotic flowers often can’t work.

Maybe you should consider a simpler arrangement for your decor choice. What you could choose dried pampas grass plumes. Why plumes? It so turns out these feathery-looking products are exactly the items needed for the mantelpiece to have the perfect look.

Neutral Color Amplification

This is the one that makes your wedding decor pop. If you like or intend to use a neutral color, such as white, it can be hard to find decorations or other products that fit well with the look present, no matter what price you’re willing to pay.

Yet again, dried pampas grass can save the day. Traditional plant or flower use often doesn’t work well here. Such floral items pull the focus away from the elements that sport a simple color.

Many media-covered events show off great arrangements of natural or fake pampas grass that happen to add style to an already elegant look.

Seasonal Upgrade

If you like to see a change in your home throughout the year, you may want to think about using dried pampas grass to update your aesthetic throughout the year. There’s a lot of information related to pampas grass out there, so feel free to do some research on the types that you should order for summer, fall, etc.

Large Vases

Some people can’t stop themselves from choosing to search for and order a new oversized vase. The problem is that such vases only work well with a tall plant or huge flowers. It just so happens that finding tall pampas grass stems isn’t hard. Your search likely isn’t going to last long, and you likely aren’t going to have to worry about a steep price.

The height of dried pampas grass makes it perfect to even out those huge vases you decided to order. That doesn’t mean you should jump at the chance to order another set of vases now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Dried Pampas Grass Last?

The information here depends on a couple of things. Fake dried pampas grass is quite popular and those who follow that trend benefit from the permanence that it brings for its affordable price. However, this question is about the natural alternative that you may want for your home, office, or wedding.

Typically, they last for about three years. The exact period is related to conditions. For example, warmer conditions, such as those present during the summer can see these plants add a huge challenge for gardeners. Not only do they add an interesting and simple color to the garden, but they also bring an invasive nature.

Pampas grass may be amazing for living and wedding decor, but it can be a pain to grow.

Is Dried Pampas Grass Illegal?

Pampas grass products are very popular in many locales. Some say each Instagram-related wedding serves to make it even more so. Some common flowers are even harder to find than pampas grass at times, but buying it may not necessarily be allowed.

Depending on where you are, it may be better to change your mind and buy a different flower for your DIY needs. Depending on your country, choosing to search for pampas grass could be a bad idea. In most parts of the United States, most of Australia, and all of New Zealand and South Africa, it’s illegal to sell pampas grass.

It makes you wonder why it’s so easy to find pampas grass and why so much decorative information is readily available on it.

Where Can I Get Dried Pampas Grass?

You can find dried pampas grass products in almost any flower store you walk into. They can yield a gorgeous change and the price is typically quite reasonable. However, you can also order them from Amazon’s catalog of products.

As is the case with most Amazon items, you can use special keywords to find them, you can sort them with criteria, such as color and price, and you can see related items that can serve to enhance an already solid purchase.

You can also view a host of information related to each lusting. All this should make your search for a new pampas grass arrangement to change things up in your space.

One solid option is CRFNI’s natural dried pampas grass. It sports a fluffy aesthetic that is sure to please you as the most beautiful of flowers would. The stems walk a perfect balance of tall enough without being too much. The price is affordable too and the color is amazing.

Why Is Pampas Grass Bad?

If you like simple ideas that can add a nice change to your living area or wedding decor, you are going to like dried pampas grass a lot. However, some downsides make trying to shop for and find these products a chore. If you live in a country like New Zealand, Australia, or California, pampas grass selling is illegal.

Final Remarks

Pampas grass decor, Dried pampas grass is an excellent decor selection that enhances many other items and products. It helps you to create an amazing aesthetic in your home, office, or wedding setting. You can pull a lot of decor inspiration from seeing how others use the dried grass to create their own beautiful settings.

However, the price you may pay when you search and find dried pampas grass products may not be worth it. Its appeal doesn’t change the fact that it may fall under the umbrella of illegal products in your country.

You are probably better off choosing to search and shop for a traditional flower instead.

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