What Does Pampas Grass Look Like – Discover It

Pampas Grass Look Like
Pampas Grass Look Like

This perennial and ornamental grass looks like a giant plant with tall stalks and large fluffy feather-like flowers, commonly known as plumes at the center.
Pampas grass is versatile and invasive. It comes in different varieties and colors and can grow in any types of soil, and it is best in full sun.

What Does Pampas Grass Look Like – Varieties, Sizes and Colors

Pampas grass or scientifically named as Cortaderia Selloana, is a large perennial grass native to Brazil, Argentina and Chile.
It can grow up to 8 – to 13 feet tall and 4 to 7 feet wide when mature.
It is ideal for making a bold and dramatic statement in your landscape and its flowers are best for indoor ornaments.

These invasive plants are picture-perfect on social media platforms and on-demand for indoor floral arrangements, DIY stuffs and landscapes.
Pampas grass looks stunning and elegant during spring and summer but it can also look pristine during winter when taken care properly.
Make sure to tie the stalks together on winter to keep its beauty for upcoming warm season.

White pampas grass

Pampas grass varieties

If you are not sure of Pampas grass to be included in your next planting project, there are different varieties to choose from:

  • Cortaderia Selloana ‘Pumila’: Also known as dwarf pampas grass, it grows up to 6 feet tall and only 3 to 4 feet wide. It produces creamy-white plumes.  
  • Cortaderia Selloana ‘Sunningdale Silver’: This variety is the most common and it produces silver plumes and it grows up to 10 feet tall.
  • Cortaderia Selloana ‘Rendatleri’: This variety can grow up to 8 feet tall and produces pink feathers-like plumes.
  • Cortaderia Selloana ‘Andes Silver’: This variety can grow up to 7 feet tall and produces silvery white plumes.
  • Cortaderia Selloana ‘Silver Comet’: This white-striped pampas grass can grow up to 8 feet tall.
  • Cortaderia Selloana ‘Patagonia’: This variety can also grow up to 7 feet tall above foliage and produces silvery-white plumes and bluish gray-green foliage. 
  • Cortaderia Selloana ‘Gold Band’: This variety can also grow up to 6 feet tall and produces a golden-striped foliage.
  • Cortaderia Selloana ‘Bertini’: This variety is almost the same as Pumila but it can grow up to 4 feet tall.
  • Cortaderia Selloana ‘Pink Feather: This variety of Pampas grass with stunning feathery flowers with a distinct pink hue can grow up to 8 feet.
  • Cortaderia Selloana ‘Monvin’/’Sun Stripe’: This variety with multiple yellow stripes running along its leaf blades can grow up to 6-7 feet.
    It has a silky silvery-white flowers. 

Another variety of Pampas grass but is a member of selloana family is the Purple Pampas Grass ’/‘Andean Pampas Grass’ or Cortaderia Jubata. It can grow up to 20 feet or more and produces pinkish or purple plumes but it will eventually turn white when mature.


When someone asks you, “What does Pampas grass look like” you would proudly show that person a photo of this majestic grass. It does not only used as borders and a beautiful ornament to your garden but it is also one of the best home decors in any season.

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