How Deep Are Pampas Grass Roots?

Pampas Grass Roots

Pampas grass is a large ornamental grass that grows in rough conditions and has deep-seated roots, but how deep are pampas grass roots when it reach maturity?
A mature pampas grass’s roots grow deep in the ground and have a maximum length of 10 feet (3.5 meters). Thus, uprooting and eliminating it can be challenging and a daunting task because of its massive root system.

How Deep Are Pampas Grass Roots

Planting these grasses along with other plants is not recommended. Talking about how deep are pampas grass roots, they dominantly absorb most of the soil nutrients because they are very competitive.

One pampas grass’s root consumes over 1,000 square feet of soil and can grow up to 10 feet deep according to Northern Arizona Invasive Plants.
It is highly recommended to grow it in a pot or a separate garden away from other plants.

How to Remove or Uproot Pampas Grass

Because of its massive root system, removing or uprooting this grass can be difficult. However, there are two ways that you can do despite its hardiness and largeness.

1. Digging up Pampas Grass

This process requires pulling (hand-grabbing) or digging.
When you do the pull-out method, make sure that you have extracted all of its roots from the entire crown to the top section of it by forcefully grasping the base of it to prevent re-sprouting. You can also begin this by softening the ground by watering it then start cutting large bundles of stalks close to it. During the work put your removed plants into a lawn waste bag or receptacle so that seeds don’t spread.

2. Chemical

This process uses Haloxyfop or Glyphosate herbicides. It requires minimal physical effort but can cost you more. Before doing this process, always remember that these chemicals are very toxic and dangerous to your health so it is recommended to always wear protective gear such as hand gloves, eyeglasses, long sleeve shirts, pants, and a respirator and follow the instructions carefully on how to use it.
Start with cutting the grasses close to the soil as possible and dig it a bit so that it gives enough space for the herbicide to penetrate.
Keep in mind that this method also requires diligence as the chemical takes up to two weeks for it to remove the roots. You may need to repeat the process one week later as some of the left-over cut grasses have still the ability to absorb the nutrients from the soil encouraging the grass to grow again.

Other Things to Consider When Removing Pampas Grass Roots

  • Rocking the rootstock back and forth in the ground also helps in removing the roots but it takes time.
  • When digging the roots, you can use different tools such as pickaxe, pointed spade, long-handled lopper shears or shovel.
  • It is advisable to harvest the other surrounding plants or crops near your pampas grass before applying the herbicide to avoid contamination.


Growing and cultivating this grass is simple but removing it can be a daunting experience. The answer to the question “How deep are pampas grass roots” makes sense on how challenging the removal process can be.

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