How Long Does Pampas Grass Last?

Dried Pampas Grass
Dried Pampas Grass

Pampas grass is a great option because it lasts for about 3 years once it has been cut. The stems of the dried pampas grass are popular for wedding centerpieces and bouquet arrangements, too. This is a decorative ornamental grass, and it features tall stalks and pampas grass reeds. On top, you have feathery plumes. They range in color, so the pampas grass can be beige, dark brown, ivory, light brown, white, or sandy pink. You’re also going to find that the pampas grass comes in different sizes, and you can dry the grass. Pampas grass looks great in the garden and even throughout the home!

Many people choose to put it in their living room as a decor item within the home. However, pampas grass can go almost anywhere and adds a whimsical decor feature.

Some are about 1 foot in length, so they work well to use in a vase or be the centerpiece. Larger stalks are also available and can fill an empty corner of the living room as a decor feature. For those who often forget about their plants, pampas grass is ideal because you never have to water it once it’s dried.

How to stop pampas grass from shedding?

Once they are dried, you should spray with hairspray so that it lasts longer and is the sealant. That also assures that they don’t shed the seeds from the grass. Pampas are easy to grow and plant, and many people like them for the natural decor the dried plumes offer. Ideally, you should utilize pampas grass in the living room. The plume adds a nice touch, and the entire thing is gorgeous.

Does pampas grass die

Pampas Grass can survive in a wide variety of climates and conditions except for areas where the soil is very dry. In colder climates, the pampas grass dies in the winter when temperatures fall below 32 °F for an extended period of time but comes back from the roots in spring to grow tall once again.

In some species, the flowers bloom from January to March and in others from June to August. The species with flowers that bloom in January and February are considered to be “summer” pampas while those that bloom in June and July are “winter” varieties.

While winter-flowering varieties can grow up to 20 feets tall, summer-flowering types grow only up to 15 feets tall. These plants require very little maintenance and can survive for many years without regular watering or care.

How to preserve pampas grass

When you seal it thoroughly, there is no shedding. Though it has no real benefits, pampas grass is used as a decor item for any part of the house. You can utilize it all through winter. While pampas grass lasts for 3 years before you need to change it out, it’s important to dust around the pampas grass to prevent it from causing allergies. Shedding might be possible with time, so clean up around the pampas grass to avoid problems.

Pampas grass can make a lovely decor item, and the best thing is it can be large or small. Though these grasses don’t produce flowers, they are natural and come about in summer. Hang them upside down for a few weeks and check them each day.


Ultimately, everyone likes pampas, and it is going to keep looking great throughout the year and be a great decor item. A new way of decorating is here with pampas grass. One look at the foliage and you may be hooked on pampas grass.

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