How Big Does Pampas Grass Get and How Important it is to the Environment

How Big Does Pampas Grass Get

The Pampas grass is one of the tall ornamental grasses in the world known for its beautiful feather-like plumes but how big does Pampas grass get?
If you are planning to have big ornamental grass for your garden or landscape, it is what you need.
This largest grass can grow up to 8 to 13 feet tall and 4 to 7 feet wide. It can create a dense tussock when its long sharped-edged leaves fold at the midrib.

How Big Does Pampas Grass Get

Though Pampas grass can grow up to 13 feet, this invasive plant is easy to grow but it has no value for crop farmers that’s why only ornamental plant enthusiasts grow it. It is not also an ideal one to grow along with other plants due to its aggressiveness in absorbing all the nutrients from the soil.

To make it grow bigger and fuller, plant it in a bigger space or landscape preferably in moist and well-draining soil.
When you do mass planting, give a space for each new grass about 6 to 8 feet or 2 meters apart so it can make room for its full growth.
The female Pampas grass produces more silvery plume-like flower clusters about 30 to 90 cm or 1 to 3 feet long than the male one.

Pampas Grass Varieties and Sizes

How big does pampas grass get? Well, this famous grass can also grow in different sizes depending on its variety.

  • Cortaderia Selloana ‘Pumila’: Also known as dwarf pampas grass, it grows up to 6 feet tall and only 3 to 4 feet wide . It is perfect for indoor or room decors.
  • Cortaderia Selloana ‘Sunningdale Silver’: This variety is the most common and it produces silver plumes and it grows up to 10 feet tall.
  • Cortaderia Selloana ‘Rendatleri’: This variety can grow up to 8 feet tall and produces pink feathers-like plumes.
  • Cortaderia Selloana ‘Andes Silver’: This variety can grow up to 7 feet tall and produces silvery white plumes.
  • Cortaderia Selloana ‘Silver Comet’: This white-striped pampas grass can grow up to 8 feet tall.
  • Cortaderia Selloana ‘Patagonia’: This variety can also grow up to 7 feet tall above foliage and produces silvery-white plumes and bluish gray-green foliage.
  • Cortaderia Selloana ‘Gold Band’: This variety can also grow up to 6 feet tall and produces a golden-striped foliage.
  • Cortaderia Selloana ‘Bertini’: This variety is almost the same as Pumila but it can grow up to 4 feet tall.

Importance of Pampas Grass to The Environment

  • Due to its largeness, it is perfect for adding borders, living screen, and privacy to your gazebo, porch, garden, and backyard.
  • Its toughness and aggressiveness are also ideal for areas near stream banks and places that are prone to soil erosion.
  • However, it tends to propagate extremely fast and it can wipe out the whole native plants.
  • Pampas grass has the ability to filter air pollution inside your house and other toxic chemicals that can affect your health.
  • At night time, this plant converts carbon dioxide (CO2) into oxygen.


Rich with hardiness, size, beauty and grace, Pampas grass does not only function as an ornamental plant to your garden or homes but it also has environmental and physical benefits to humans.

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