Can Pampas Grass Grow In Shade Successfully?

Pampas Grass In Shade
Pampas Grass In Shade

Pampas grass is a large specie of perennial grass. It is commonly grown and live longer in warm areas but can Pampas grass grow in shade?
The answer is yes, but only in partial shade or light shade.
However, if you want to grow it faster and better, plant it in an area with direct sunlight or total sun exposure.
Other varieties of Pampas grass can also grow in partial shade but they don’t perform well too.

Can Pampas Grass Grow in Shade? Yes, it Can

Sunlight is essential for the survival of every trees and plants, how much more for Pampas grass.
Though this grass can grow in light shade, this graceful plant grows and flowers best in full sun or at least half day of exposure to direct sunlight.
When it comes to blooming, it needs a lot of sunlight as it will not bloom and produce beautiful plumes in shady area.
It can grow successfully in zones 7 to 11 but there are also other varieties of pampas grass that can cope with the climate in zone 6 and below.
During summer or spring, its color remains evergreen and turns tan or brownish in winter.

How to Grow Pampas Grass Successfully

Growing pampas grass is easy, but there are things to consider to make it lovelier and prettier for your garden and indoor designs.
It is best to start planting pampas grass in early spring when the weather is hot and it is perfect for younger plants.
Pampas grass can over-winter in containers if brought inside. However, it grows so large that this would be impractical in most situations.

Other Factors to Consider in Growing Pampas Grass Successfully


Propagating this grass especially the female plant is every five years to keep it healthy. This process starts from cutting the stalk down to the roots to reveal new shoots within the old plant. Don’t forget to water it deeply and keep the soil moist until the new plant grows.


Since this plant is invasive and can affect nearby plants negatively, it is recommend pruning its stalk to the ground in late winter or early spring.


Pampas grass care is a low-maintenance plant. It doesn’t need much attention when it is fully-grown.
A mature Pampas grass only need less water or water from the rain during mild to warm season.


This grass can grow and survive in any variety of soils but it grows best in rich and moist but well-drained soil.


It is a very aggressive plant. Grow it in a wider area where it can stretch out and thrive fully for its growth as its roots are strong and it reach the soil deeply.


Can Pampas grass grow in shade, yes! It is a versatile perennial grass that can grow in warm and cold weather.
However, if you want to make your precious plant to look more beautiful, strong and graceful, grow it in a place where it can get total exposure to sunlight.

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